Summer = beach. And whether you’re in New York City or the South of France, you can definitely get your share of summer sun this season. (Except maybe if you’re reading this from the North. Sorry guys.) I was inspired to write this post after spending last weekend at the beach. Here's are Senteurs d'Orient's beach must-haves for your next summer weekend.

Sun protection is beyond important not only on beach days, but every day when it's sunny out. Make it a part of your daily routine with a day lotion that has sunscreen, but don't forget to apply an additional layer of SPF - and reapply, if you go for a swim. The same goes for taking care of your bod!

Something to read
Sure, the beach is great to unwind and relax, but it's also a perfect setting to power through your current read. Whether it's the current issue of Vogue, a classic work of literature or a fun beach read, take the time to power down your phone and focus on living in the moment (or in the moment happening in the pages).

A hat
Going along with the theme of sun protection, a hat is another great way to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Make it a stylish part of your outfit with a woven, vintage-inspired style featuring a wide brim. (Paired with sunglasses, always.)

Snacks (and water!)
Food trucks by the boardwalk are great for quick meals like tacos or hot dogs, but you never want to rely on them 100% to satisfy your cravings. Pack a picnic-worthy spread with healthy, fresh options like celery sticks and hummus, or blue corn-tortilla chips with homemade guacamole. And freeze a couple bottles of water overnight (and stock up on cold bottles at the beach shop) to stay hydrated all day.

No, we don't just mean your iPhone camera! Capture the moment with a real camera (either a DSLR or Polaroid-style) to make photo-taking a real activity - not just something for Instagram. Plus, it's a great way to make memories to enjoy months after the weather has cooled down.

Good company
Whether you choose to spend a holiday in the sun with your closest friends, go on a family vacation, or spend it with your significant other, make going to the beach a special event by surrounding yourself with the people you love. It's a easy way to guarantee a great time.

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