Japanese skincare brand Shiseido recently hosted “LINK OF LIFE", an exhibition that explores the possibilities and future of anti-aging skincare in the Shiseido Ginza Building from Friday, October 28 through Thursday, November 3, 2016. The exhibition illustrates the innovation within the realms of science, art and design, and how Shiseido employees and individuals from external fields are shaping the “future in beauty” together. Our CEO, Sarah attended the exhibition — here were her four major takeaways:

Fermentation Symphony
Fermenation is a completely natural process that has existed since the beginning of our planet; the process involves microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria breaking down organic compouinds and transforming waste into material that contains healthy antibiotics. Pretty amazing, right?

Wonder Aging, Wonderful Aging
Sometimes we're overwhelmed by the amount of data and information available to us. Sure, you might want to try the new must-have beauty product that's all over your Instagram feed, but try not to forget that no one can tell what's best for your skin than you (and your dermatologist, if you see one). Assess your individual needs and just let the rest take care of itself.

The Way of Coffee and Beauty
There's nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning (or to finish up a meal, which is my favorite way to enjoy some java), but did you know there are also holistic benefits, too? Research has shown that coffee aroma has relaxation effects on the body, and incorporating breathing techniques can amplify these benefits. 

Sawe - Chewing wooden fiber sponge
According to the exhibit, in Ghanaian culture, having strong teeth are a major aspect in aging gracefully. To maintain those pearly whites, Ghanaians chew on wooden fiber that leaves their teeth white and strong. Eastern body care methods tend to focus more on "soft and gentle" types of treatment, proving that to each is own.

Main photo: Courtesy of Shiseido. Embedded photos: Sarah Akkari

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