If you live in a big city, then you know how difficult it can be to keep calm amid daily stressors like traffic, crowded streets / train cars, tourists (sorry guys!), and overpriced cocktails. Here, we share our five essential tips to finding ultimate relaxation amid the fast-paced city life.

 Indulge in Everyday Luxuries

Whether it’s always keeping fresh flowers in your room, lighting a fragrant candle at night, or unwinding with a soothing bath, treating yourself to simple luxuries that make you happy on a daily basis does wonders for the soul. (And so does treating yourself to other luxuries, like a trip to the spa, for that that matter …)

Establish a Routine

Some things are just out of our control – train service, the line at your coffee shop – but establishing a daily routine that you can always count on can mentally put you at ease with your surroundings. Make your morning cup of coffee or tea, your weekend yoga sessions, and Sunday brunches a treat to look forward to every week.

Make Your Home Your Oasis

When you come home from work, you want – no, need - to be able to mentally unwind. Surround your sanctuary with things that bring you joy – plants, books, even music! 

Escape to Nature 

The city has its perks: amazing restaurants, great museums, and an undeniable overall cool factor. However, it does a mind and body good to leave every so often. Take a day trip to a nearby town or if you’re too attached, seek out a park within the city limits and settle down with a good book and enjoy the fresh(er) air.

Don’t Forget to Pause

In between work, friends, family – everything - savor the daily things that make you happy. Give compliments, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Carry your favorite fragrance or essential oil with you to instantly ease moments of stress. And if nothing else, take a deep breath and keep calm.

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