by Karina

Our beautifully crafted soaps instantly transform your everyday shower into a relaxing ritual, but when you’re looking to maximize your Senteurs d’Orient bath, a gorgeous (and gorgeously scented) candle never hurts. And to make things easier for our readers, we’ve paired some of our favorite bougies with five of our Hammam soaps. Inhale, exhale…

Orange Blossom / Lola James Harper “The White Coffee”

In Lebanon, white coffee - a caffeine-free beverage made from H20 and orange blossom water - is traditionally served after dinner to provide a calming, soothing effect. We think it would work just as nicely when burned during an orange blossom soak.

$38.70; Buy it now

Amber / Byredo “Ambre Japonais”

Featuring top notes of coriander seed, black pepper, heart notes of sandalwood, and base notes of sesame and bourbon vanilla, this sultry gourmand scent pairs perfectly with our seductive amber soap.

$80, Buy it now

Rose of Damascus / Jo Malone London “Red Roses”

Our rose soap exudes classic femininity, so what better match than a classic English rose-scented candle? (Everything’s coming up roses, and we love it.)

$65; Buy it now

Tuberose / Diptyque “Tubereuse” Rouge

Don’t ask us to choose among Diptyque’s amazing range of candles - it’s just too impossible a task. However, if you believe in a match made in heaven, burn their stunning red Tubereuse while lathering up with our Tuberose bar.

$90; Buy it now

Jasmine of Arabia / Cire Trudon “Madeleine”

It doesn’t get more more luxurious than one of the oldest and most prestigious manufacturers of candles in the entire world. We suggest reserving Cire Trudon’s leathery iris, jasmine and rose-hybrid candle, Madeleine, for the most special jasmine hammam soap baths.

$95; Buy it now

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