by Karina

We shower out of necessity, yes, but who says we can’t make it as enjoyable an experience as possible? With our Hammam soap, we promise that lathering up will become your new favorite activity. Washing up has never been more relaxing than with our 100% pure vegetal bars - and they come in über-delicious scents - not sure which one is for you? Check out our crash-course guide below:

Orange Blossom: An uplifting floral yet woodsy perfume, perfect for a refreshing wake-me-up morning shower or the girl who loves citrusy scents.

Jasmine of Arabia: Made with jasmine picked from the Mediterranean, our Jasmine soap is for anyone who loves to be wrapped up in relaxing floral bliss.

Amber: Our striking Amber bar boasts sultry notes of musk and wood for a luxurious experience straight out of 1,001 Nights.

Rose of Damascus: Classically feminine, this soap doesn’t read as “rose-scented.” It smells like real roses - because it’s made with them - and is perfect for the graceful, elegant soul in your life.

Tuberose: The warm, sultry scent of Tuberose is ideal for the femme fatale of your friend group. Sensual and intoxicating, this one’s borderline addictive. 

All of our soaps are handmade in our headquarters in Lebanon, where the craft has been around for literally thousands of years. (So… we’re pretty good at it by now.) The handy rope design makes it a snap to hang in your shower (and eliminates the problem of melting!)

Our secret to getting the purest, most delicious fragrance payoff? Blending concentrated essential oils to create a marriage of scent. Each mixture is carefully prepared to bring out the perfect balance of aromatherapeutic effects, while the ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E and pure olive oil instantly hydrate skin.

And since they’re individually engraved with our brand filigree, they’re as aesthetically beautiful as they are olfactive. Plus, it’s an easy way to instantly add a dose of chic to your bathroom. After all, it’s an Insta world - we just live in it. Show us how you make the Hammam soap a part of your daily ritual by tagging your snapshots with #mysenteurs

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