Whether you're in a pinch for time or simply prefer to take the #lazygirl approach to hair, no one should have to get stuck in a style rut. Update your look this season with these six easy ideas that'll take you from work to party to weekend.

The Updated Messy Bun

Prep strands texturizing spray and pull your hair up in a bun (or for added hold, pull into a ponytail first before creating a bun). Then, mess things up a bit by pulling pieces out for an effortless, lived-in look.

The Twisted Half-Up

For a more sophisticated take on the traditional half-up style, start of by sectioning two small pieces of hair from either side of your head. Then, twist each into a smooth “coil” and secure with pins or a small elastic.

The Extra-Volume Double Pony

Get the effect of having super long strands with this hair trick: Start off by pulling the bottom layer of your hair (a.k.a. the underside) into a medium-to-low ponytail (an inch or so above the nape of the neck), and then take the top layer of your hair and pull your length into a high ponytail. The ends of the high pony should cover the elastic from the bottom pony, giving the illusion of mile-long length.

Effortless Waves

If you’re too busy in the morning to bother with heat styling tools (we don’t blame you), try this style to get sensual, wavy locks literally while you sleep. Go to bed with dry or slightly damp hair styled into one or two braids, depending on how thick your hair is. In the morning, mist a light gel-spray or run a light-hold gel over the braid before undoing it. Once your hair is loose, you’ll find soft, lived-in waves that look pretty yet natural.

Playful Double Buns

The style isn't just for the music festival set! Keep your hair off your neck in the cutest way possible by sweeping your length into two miniature buns. Keep them low for a more understated effect, or create twin top knots for a wild child kind of look.

Hair Headband

Growing out bangs or simply want to get your hair out of your face? Begin with a center-part and   pull everything except for the front two inches of hair from the hairline on either side. (Basically, make a ponytail but leave two long front pieces out.) Then wrap the face-framing pieces tightly along your head and secure underneath the ponytail with an elastic, thus creating a “headband” effect with your own hair!

Photo: Unsplash

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