The art of glass blowing has been around since antiquity, but has recently found new life with artists like Dale Chihuly, who have shown us how unique and vibrant the art form can be.

First century B.C. Syrians are most widely credited with the serendipitous discovery that glass could be blown from the end of a hollow tube into different shapes or molds — a landmark event in the history of glass manufacturing [source: Encyclopedia Britannica]. The techniques used today are nearly the same as those of our ancestors and yet every artist brings something new and interesting to each piece.

The work of melting and shaping glass by hand endows each piece with distinct shapes and imperfections and no two will ever be alike. The color and shape of the glass causes it to refract light in different ways depending on it’s location or time of day. It’s an art piece that is ever changing and always interesting.

See if you can take a look at these pieces in a whole new light! If you like what you see, consider adorning your home with a unique piece of your own, individually hand-crafted in Lebanon and available in our store!

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