Inspired by the Greek and Roman baths, the Turks have created a culture of the water in their hammam. In Europe, the Turkish baths gained popularity during the Victorian era. It is, nowadays, one of the most prized methods of relaxation, the hammam, or steam bath, being part of the water circuits in most contemporary spas.

The Turkish bathing tradition still holds an essential place in the oriental culture. Different types of services are offered, from the self-service bathing to the traditional style, for a full Turkish experience. The traditional ritual usually begins with a moment of relaxation in the warm room, which will both loosen your muscles and get your body accustomed to the warmth. This is also usually the moment at which an attendant will wash and scrub you for a thorough clean.

Once the cleansing process is completed, you will proceed to the hot room where you can lay on the gobektasi, a heated platform usually located at the center of the room, where you will receive a rough yet replenishing massage. You will finish your experience in the cold room, where your body will decrease its temperature. Beverages are also usually served in this room to help cool off. The ritual traditionally lasts for about 45 minutes. You will then have the possibility to shower and go back to your daily routine, energized by your experience.

The etiquette, though not mandatory, is usually recommended to fully enjoy the experience. You can bring your own soap, shampoo and even a bathing suit, though is it recommended to be nude under the peshtemal, a thin cotton towel you will be provided with to cover your body.

The services and rituals will vary according to the location. More contemporary services are offered as well. Get your Senteurs d’Orient soap ready for a replenishing, rejuvenating and energizing experience!

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