A busy, overwhelming day. You pass by a florist or botanical shop. On a whim you take a moment to glance inside, and suddenly a feeling of delight and well-being pervades your spirit. The best convey a suspended state of natural beauty and exude a range of fragrances, from the exquisitely soothing scent of Jasmine to Laurel’s green bouquet sprinkled with spicy notes.

From La Chaume, established in Paris since 1845, to the trendy Green Finger locations in New York and Tokyo, which are essentially stylists for flora and fauna, we all have encountered such stores to which we return time and again, for special occasions as well as simply to pamper ourselves with a little gift, or maybe even just to browse, truly a fully sensual treat and relaxing experience.

So, too, high-end floristry has become a staple of the fashion industry, with such brand names as Mark Colle(Antwerp), former Dior Haute Couture and YSL studio director Rambert Rigaud of Rambert Rigaud Fleuriste en Herbe (Paris) and Thierry Boutemy (Brussels).

In Tokyo, Denmark’s Nicolai Bergmann has built a brand around the marriage of “Scandinavian sense style and Japanese sensitivity to detail”.

In Los Angeles, Mark’s Garden has been in charge of the floral design for the Academy Awards® for the past 18 years, not to mention the Emmys and Golden Globes, as well as celebrity weddings.

Polling our Senteurs team and friends, two florists who seem to be personal favorites are Gilles Pothier, who is as famous in Paris as in Tokyo, and Christian Collin, who has been creating floral artistry for more than 30 years in Paris.

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