This coming Sunday, February 22, will mark the presentation of the 87th Academy Awards® in Hollywood. All the talk at our Atelier about movies during this pre-awards season got us thinking about which Oscar winners and nominees of the past have featured special moments related to flowers, which of course are so integral to the world of Senteurs d’Orient.

Here at Senteurs d’Orient we create our floral fragrances together with a master perfumer in Grasse. Experience our softly sensuous Orange Blossom, which entices like a gentle summer breeze from the Mediterranean Sea, or ourOriental Gardenia, an enchanting symphony of creamy white petals and crisp green leaves.

Connecting flowers to Academy Award-winning movies, who can forget the iconic imagery of Mena Suvari on a bed of red roses in “American Beauty”, which won five Oscars, or the tiger lily, rose, daisies and violet in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, which won two Awards including art direction? Or the poppies in the evergreen classic “The Wizard of Oz”, winner of two Oscars?

Which movies do you associate with memorable floral scenes? Perhaps “The Twilight Saga”?  Tell us on ourFacebook page!

And after all the Awards-viewing festivities, float a couple of our fragrant, weightless Mint Tea Leaves in your bath for an elegant Hollywood ending to a long night as dawn breaks on the horizon.

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