Why is it that we can’t go through a couple days without having someone tell us that we are not drinking enough water? Maybe because the human body is made of 60% to 70% water, depending on the person’s morphology. Or maybe it’s because after oxygen, water is the most important element to insure survival.

Maybe it’s because water:

  • Maintains the volume of blood and of the lymph;
  • Allows us to swallow foods;
  • Is used as a lubricant for the articulations and the eyes;
  • Maintains the temperature of the body;
  • Allows chemical reactions in the cells;
  • Allows the absorption and the transporting of nutrients in the food we eat;
  • Allows the neurological activity in our brains;
  • Insures the hydration of our skin;
  • Eliminates the toxic wastes of digestion.

In short, our bodies cannot survive without water! But knowing this, we still forget to drink our 8 glasses per day. In fact, the National Institute Against Cancer of Food Attitudes and Behaviors studied more than 3000 people and the result were astounding: 78% of the people surveyed admitted to drinking less than 8 glasses of water per day. Are you one of them? Here are some tricks to get you drinking your glasses of water without you even noticing:

Drink with style

We noticed that we are often more motivated to go to the gym when you have brand new sports apparel and that writing is a lot more fun when you jot down in a beautiful new notebook with a cute little kitten on the cover! For some, this strategy could also work for water drinking. Invest in a water bottle that you love and it will be easier for you to merge the useful to the pleasant.

Add a touch of magic

It’s true that drinking 8 glasses of water per day can be boring. Add a little touch of variety and magic to your water by adding freshly cut fruits, or some mint leaves or basil. Try adding lemon, watermelon, cucumbers or raspberries! You like bubbles? Try adding some Perrier or SodaStream to it and transform your tap water into a bubbly treat!

Make it a game

You always get lost in the counting of how many glasses you’ve had today and you’re having trouble evaluating your water intake? Your phone can come in handy! There are a variety of apps available on your phone that can help with keeping track of the water you drink, the calories you eat and the exercise you make. And if you still forget to drink a few more glasses, the app will remind you to! Hurray for progress!


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