When we sleep, our organism awakens. As we dream, our hormones and cells regenerate and activate themselves. Sleep is essential to humans, for us to regulate our bodies. Having bad sleeping habits can have many negative effects on us.

Let’s try and keep that in mind the next time we decide to binge watch Christmas movies all night rather than going to sleep! Here are a few excellent reasons to convince you to go to bed and avoid all-nighters.

Reason nº 1: Lack of sleep causes you to look older than you really are

Some seem to have found the fountain of youth… in their bed! Many American studies confirm it; lack of sleep can accelerate the signs of aging on the skin. We find more wrinkles on insomniacs. They can also present a more uneven pigmentation of their skin and the elasticity of their skin is lesser than those sleeping more than 8 hours per night.

Reason nº 2: Lack of sleep creates an obstacle to the proper healing of your skin

Here’s a fact: brown spots resulting from a prolonged exposure to UV rays will take much longer to disappear if you have a bad habit of sleeping less than 8 hours per night. Some studies have shown that the skin’s capacity to fight the negative effects of the ultra-violet rays decreases more than 30% when you are sleep deprived. A few more hours of sleep will contribute to the healing of your skin, thus getting rid of that lobster tan you got over the summer.

Reason nº 3: Lack of sleep is preventing you from loosing weight

Yes, you read correctly! Studies have shown that those who suffer from a sleep deficiency have a body mass index higher than the rest of the population. According to one study, only 23% of the population with good sleeping habits is overweight, whereas 44% of individuals with bad sleeping habits are overweight. These are revealing results!

Reason nº 4: Lack of sleep is making you lose your hair

Forget those volume-boosting hair products and go to bed! A lack of sleep affects the immune functions of the body as well as your physical and mental endurance. Your hair is very sensitive to bodily changes and the loss of your hair is often caused by internal issues and disruptions, such as a lack of sleep.

Here’s hoping that you are not reading this late at night and wishing you a restful night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up the next morning feeling youthful and regenerated!


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