The city of Grasse in the South of France might not be as world-famous as Paris, but to anyone in the fragrance or beauty industries, it’s well, a big deal. The city, which in the past and present have been home to numerous gardens and fragrance factories for iconic French brands, is legendary for its lush fields of gorgeous blooms, grown and cultivated specifically for perfumery.

The Grasse Institute of Perfumery and the Musée Internationale de la Parfumerie are two notable points of interest for those looking to pursue a career in modern perfumery; however, it is a centuries-old tradition of fragrance manufacturing that have made Grasse the iconic city it is today. Christian Dior located his very own jardins for the purpose of growing flowers for his fragrances. Another storied French house, Fragonard, still maintains their headquarters and manufacturing facilities, the top floor of which is actually a museum dedicated to the history of perfumery.

Every fragrance creation dreamed up for our products takes direct inspiration from flowers and blossoms across the Orients; we’re referencing gardenia petals which originated from China, roses from the Syrian capital of Damascus, and jasmine from the Arabian peninsula. Together with our founder, Hana, our fragrance makers in the South of France work together to ensure that each olfactory creation is a work of art. With collaboration and dedication, we work to recreate the complex floral scents across the orient that inspired our brand heritage. Grasse is the premier global destination for fragrance experts, also known as “noses” for their impeccable and acutely trained sense of scent. They are in many ways like poets, pairing complementing and contrasting elements together to create a story and convey an emotion. In the case of our luxurious soaps, our perfumers in Grasse work with us to blend fine fragrance extracts with essential oils to optimal effect.

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