Bathing in salt water is an ancient practice well documented for its healing and restorative properties.

Hippocrates encouraged using sea water to cure ailments and the Dead Sea, known for its unusually high salt content, has been popular destination across the ages for those seeking its healing minerals. The benefits of this venerable practice are easy to bring into our very own home. A small pouch of bath salts can transform your bath into a healing spring full of healthy minerals.

Here are a few ways bath salts can complement your bathing experience:

They make your skin silky smooth.

Most bath salts contain phosphates that help soften skin and prepare skin for exfoliation. Salt can also be rubbed directly on the feet as a gentle exfoliant. Adding oils or using an olive oil based soap with your bath salts will leave your skin extra soft. Just be careful to clean the tub after so you don’t slip!

They help relieve tension.

A hot bath is the perfect way to relief stress at the end of the day, but adding salts can help improve circulation and reduce tenderness from muscle tension or injury.

They take advantage of aromatherapy.

Salt is a perfect vehicle for scented oils. It dilutes scents that are too strong to be used directly and a hot bath will fill the room with your favorite fragrance. Jasmine of Arabia has warm floral fragrance that is sweetly exotic, while Oriental Gardenia has a scent that is decadent.

Gives you time to soak and decompress.

A bath is a great time to stop and enjoy the silence. It’s ideal for quiet meditation or to wind down with some gentle music. Use the extra time to let the minerals soak into your skin while you clear your head.

Freshen up your drawers.

You can enjoy your salts out of the bath as well! A small pouch of scented salts in your drawers or linen closet can absorb odours and add a fresh aroma to your sheets and towels.

Try Purified Senteurs d’Orient Bath Salts to enhance your bath. They are carefully gathered by hand from the Mediterranean and wrapped in white gauze sachets, each fastened with a delicate little flower. You can drop the sachet directly into the bath and enjoy the benefits right away!

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