In its quest to discover the best architects in the Middle East, the International Property Awards in London invited architectural companies to present their finest work.

The judging committee chaired by three members of the House of Lords scrutinized hundreds of entries and Atelier130 won a Five-Star Arabian Property Award for Office Architecture for the new Senteurs d’Orient building.

The concept behind the main headquarters of our luxury soap company revolves around the actual soap bar. Inspired by the intricate packaging our soaps, the structure began as a box, sliced in half. A relaxing space, alive with greenery and a bouquet of aromas that linger and welcome visitors, lies between the two areas.

Presentation of the Awards took place in Dubai. Entries were received from companies in 12 countries and winning entrants were presented with either a Highly Commended or Five-Star award. The Five-Star winners were then re-judged to select just one from each of the 50 different categories to go forward to represent Arabia in the 2014-2015 International Property Awards.

Stuart Shield, President of the International Property Awards, said: “Levels of excellence and innovation continue to rise within the property industry year after year, making the attainment of one of these awards increasingly difficult, yet even more valued.”

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