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Ceramic Box with Jasmine Bath Salts

  • $140
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  • Why you will love it

    Elevate your bathroom into an elegant, refined space with uniquely handcrafted objects born from the bathing rituals of the Orient.

    Our ceramic bath salts box bridges both home decor and bathing. Each functional yet artistic piece is specially created to hold 9 pouches of Mediterranean Bath Salts.

    Each piece is handcrafted and hand-glazed by local artisans in Bkerzay, nested in the mountains of Lebanon. The lengthy process to create each unique piece is made in 11 different steps, which include hand-sculpting, baking and hand-glazing.

    This smoke-fired ceramic finish is achieved by an artisanal technique of baking and smoking the object in a fire-oven with wooden twigs and leaves.

    Our Jasmine of Arabia Bath Salts are naturally harvested, hand-roasted, delicately infused with essential oils and hand-wrapped. The Jasmine of Arabia imparts the most exquisite fragrance with its floral and sweet notes known to deeply calm the nervous system and enhance mood for a positive, energetic, and romantic bath. 

    Each box is entirely handcrafted, making every piece exclusive.

    Comes with 9 Jasmine of Arabia Bath Salt Pouches in a gift box.

  • Ingredients
    • ✘ Parabens
    • ✘ Colorants
    • ✘ Silicones
    • ✘ SLS
    • ✘ Bleach
    • ✔ Vegan
    • ✔ Cruelty-free
    • ✔ Rich in Minerals
    • ✔ Calcium
    • ✔ Magnesium
    • ✔ Sodium Chloride
  • Product Information
    • Usage: Infuse one to two salt pouches into warm bath. Also you can slip salt pouches into closet drawers for subtle scent. Use the ceramic box as a bathroom décor piece or in your home.
    • Form: 9 individual pouches
    • Weight: 1 Kg | 35.3 oz

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